March 13th tidbits & news

Check out out talented artist’s work this week:

1st row: Istanbul Designs, Alisa MillerAndes Cruz, Angela Gerhard

2nd row: TuizuiB. Cyr JeweleryPurified Art, Moxie And Oliver

3rd row: SandfibersHowlin DoggieColleen BaranCynthia Del Giudice,

4th row: Danielle Miller, Delias Thompson, Y Lime DesignsThe Ceremonial Home

5th row: ArtJewel DesignsRosy Revolveri dream i can flyKerin Rose

6th row: Abhaya Fibers, PhootLisa HopkinsCosmos Moon

7th Row: Jewelry By NatsukoQuibusLunasa Designs, Rickson Jewellery

8th Row: Sarah HoodT. Gentry DesignMetal RiotNanopod Studio

9th Row: Watto

News from out Artists this week:

Cynthia Del Giudice: Made the 1000 sale mile mark on Etsy! Congratulations Cynthia, this is so wonderful. 🙂

Lisa Hopkins: has been blogged, here.

T. Gentry Design: was featured on a tv spot. Here is what Tamra had to say about the experience: “Well, we missed Apolo Anton Ohno by a few hours. ::dangit:: In the meantime though, I had a lot of fun with Jane (our marketing guru) and the rest of the guys from the Lillstreet Art Center. ;-] But, yay!–John (THE glass beads guru) wants to take my FTJ class–and I want to take Matt’s (printmaking) class.

T. Gentry Design: Teaching “First Time Jeweller” at the Lillstreet Art Center:


Price: LAC Members $315 / Non-Members $325.00

Design and create jewelry in silver, copper, and brass. Basic skills such as sawing, texturing, soldering, and polishing will be covered, and simple forming techniques and bezel set stones will be included. Expect to complete one to three projects. A beginning materials kit is required for this course and will be available for purchase from the instructor on the first day of class for an additional fee of $40.

Register online at, or by phone at (773)769-4226.

T. Gentry Design: Wants to let you know – Kudos to Harriete Estel Berman for broaching the issue of copying/copyrighting, etc. She wrote a series of posts on the issue, and highlighted one of my questions to her in her latest post. [She also posted a photo of “Shut Up and Drive.” ;-] Blog here. This is a topic near and dear to the hearts of all the artists on the team.

Rosy Revolver: has posted a videoblog on her blog this week, touch also on the subject of being copied, and how she has been coping with it. A big shout out to Rosy for her pure honesty, humbleness and ability to speak concisely about the topic. We can see she is sincere, and is deeply touched and affected personally. So 1000 thanks to you Rosy for having the courage to speak out and ask for the respect we all deserve as artists, to be able to create without fear of being copied. Watch Rosy’s blog here.

Metal Riot: Has allowed us to show you 2 of her fabulous videos about recent creations. The two videos are of her work that she recently submitted to SNAG (Society of North American Goldsmiths) conference media lounge, and has yet to find out if they got in yet.

“Crown of Thorns” is made of sterling and copper nails in the fashion of a cilice and lightly stabs the wearer as it is worn. “Bad Girl Button Ring” is mostly sterling and has a steel spike that stabs the wearer when the copper button is depressed. Finally, “Temptation” combines an electrical plug adapter and highly conductive metal in a truly dangerous ring.

The Jug Cutter: A steel rotary blade with a razor sharp edge is the focal point of this deadly necklace. All of the chain links and jumprings are soldered closed, which makes it quite strong. Would you wear it to a private party with all of your friends? How about a restaurant full of strangers?

Rickson Jewellery: Is doing a promotion: Donate $5 and receive a free pin and $20 off any one Rickson Jewellery item. I am helping to send Nurelle Meta to Ecuador to help build a school and work with people in the area. Listing here. Details:Have a Heart is a fundraising event to send my good friend Nurelle Meta to Ecuador to do what she wants to do most, help people help themselves. We sat down the other day to discuss her goals, and since she is in high school she wants to experience first hand what she plans to do for her career. She believes in the ethos ‘feed a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish he’ll eat for a lifetime.’

To try and help her cause I’ve offered to design a pin for free and sell it on Etsy to help her raise the $3000 she needs to embark to Ecuador with UNESCO and the The Free the Children organization. She wants to ‘help build a school and work with the neddy’. For more information on the trip visit her Facebook page. Right now we are fundraising the funds to make a prototype and a mould which costs $40. Once we’ve raised $40 I will be selling the pins on Etsy for $25 – 45. If you donate now you will receive a free pin if and when we get the funds to start producing them.

In addition to receiving a free pin, you will also receive $20 off ANY one Rickson jewellery item. Simply purchase this donation for $5 then when purchase your Rickson Jewellery item write in the message to seller ‘Have a Heart’ and I will give you a $20 refund right away. You have the next 2 years to use your ‘Have a Heart’ discount, so you can save it for a special event or splurge on yourself and get that piece you’ve been saving for. I am so excited to help Nurelle reach her goal. She is also working at Rona part time to raise the money and will be doing bake sales and fundraisers at her School. Thanks so much for reading and for all your help and support.

Jewelry By Natsuko: is lunching new crescent moon collection next week! Here is a teaser of the Lovlies she’ll be listing:

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