March 20th, 2010 finds

1st row: Istanbul Designs, Alisa MillerAndes Cruz, Angela Gerhard, TuizuiB. Cyr Jewelery

2nd row: Purified Art, Moxie And Oliver, SandfibersHowlin DoggieColleen BaranCynthia Del Giudice

3rd row: Danielle Miller, OctopusMeDelias ThompsonMetal EmilyY Lime DesignsThe Ceremonial Home

4th row: ArtJewel DesignsRosy Revolveri dream i can flyKerin Rose, Abhaya FibersPhoot

5th row: Lisa HopkinsCosmos Moon, Mbzap, Jewelry By NatsukoQuibusLunasa Designs

6th row: Rickson JewellerySarah HoodT. Gentry DesignMetal RiotNanopod StudioWatto

News for this week:

Welcome to OctopusMe !!!

Andes Cruz was blogged here.

Lisa Hopkins was blogged here, and here.

Moxie And Oliver was blogged about here.

Lunasa Designs was blogged about here.

Metal Riot did a lovely blog here, including the work of Rosy Revolver.

Danielle Miller A few of Danielle’s Marquise designs are included in the spring Artfulhome catalog – check it out here, or just shop online 🙂

  1. Wow it looks like the team is growing! Great stuff!

  2. Beautiful choices here, Ande! It’s exciting to see the network expanding too.

  3. Andes! You are awesome! This looks great! Thanks again…. (O)(o)(O)(O)(O)!!

    • 🙂 the team make it easy to be awesome. and welcome! I am so excited about your new pieces… as well as the others. I still need one….

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