April 3, 2010 Team goodies….

1st row: Istanbul Designs, Alisa Miller, Andes Cruz,  Andes Cruz Colours,  Angela Gerhard

2nd row: TuizuiB. Cyr JeweleryPurified Art, Moxie And Oliver, Sandfibers

3rd row:  Howlin DoggieColleen BaranCynthia Del Giudice, Danielle MillerOctopusMe

4th row:  Delias ThompsonMetal EmilyY Lime Designs, The Ceremonial HomeArtJewel Designs

5th row: Rosy Revolveri dream i can flyKerin Rose, Abhaya FibersPhoot

6th row: Lisa HopkinsCosmos MoonMbzap, Jewelry By NatsukoQuibus

7th Row: Lunasa Designs, Rickson JewellerySarah Hood, Susan Moloney, T. Gentry Design

8th Row: Metal RiotNanopod StudioWatto


Welcome to Susan Moloney: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SusanMoloney

Andes Cruz: was blogged about here

Kerin Rose: Big news!…….Her work is featured in a soon to be open film (April 16th) called “The Joneses” starring Demi Moore and David Duchovny!

Danielle Miller: was blogged about here

Beth Cyr Weddings: Is super excited about being included in the Etsy wedding voter and really hopes you’ll give her your vote here. Voting ends next Thursday.

  1. WOW, What beutiful items! So much amazing talent. Welcome Susan! Your artwork is so inspired and amazing!

  2. Welcome Susan! Congratulations, Kerin Rose! And lovely post as always, Andes. 🙂

    • Thanks Rosy 🙂
      It’s easy to boast about all these amazing artists!

  3. hey! thanks mary,rosy and ande! 😀 and congrats kerin rose!!!! that’s GREAT!!!! 😀

  4. i posted, and it did not go up?….thank you all, I am super excited about it! ( lets hope it doesn’t fly by so fast, or I am not on the cutting room floor! :)….believe me, it has happened! )….
    Wlecome Susan!….and again, deepest gratitude to Ande for all of your graciousness and hard work, creating and maintaining this team…! ox

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