Talk About Blog ~ April 15th, 2010

It’s time for the Snow Leopard “Talk About” Blog Feature. Yay!

This month, we’re broaching a difficult topic, as a team.

“How do you view the topic of “copying”? What does it mean to you? I.E. — is it a concrete thing of an exact duplicate of your work, or do you consider design elements and style? Have you felt you have been copied by other artists? And, how do you deal with this? “

Please visit the participating team-member’s blogs below:

ArtJewel designs-
Andes Cruz –
Jewelry by Natsuko –
Beth Cyr –
Tosca Teran –
Tamra Gentry –
Watto – Mary Spencer-
Susan Moloney –
Rosy Revolover –
Thomasin Durgin –
*Tomi has written a follow blog to the topic – here

Please note: Not all our members post their blogs at the same time of day; and~ we’re global. We try to get it all on in the morning, but if you happen to get to a blog, before the topic is posted, I do hope you’ll come back later. And likewise, you may not be reading this on the day it posts, therefor, you most likely will not link thru to the writer’s exact Talk About Blog post. For this purpose, Most of the team members will keep a Category for the Talk About blog – so you can search that. Also, we try to use tags on the blog – such as the date, words from the topic, and of course “Talk, About, Blog” etc. these too can help you search the writer’s blog for their Talk About blog posts.

Thanks for Joining our conversation, The Talk About Blog.

  1. wow.
    What a great group of blogs to read! Very thoughtful, educated, and interesting. It seems the team members are all generally of the same mind.

    I very much enjoyed reading everyones’ posts. Everyone seems to have written from the heart, and with passion. I believe that we have shed some positive light on the topic today 🙂

    Thank you 100x to everyone for participating 🙂

  1. April 17th, 2010

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