April 25th Team Goodies

1st row: Istanbul Designs, Alisa Miller, Andes Cruz, Andes Cruz Colours, Angela Gerhard

2nd row: Tuizui, B. Cyr Jewelery, Beth Cyr Weddings, Purified Art, Moxie And Oliver

3rd row: Sandfibers, Howlin Doggie, Colleen Baran, Cynthia Del Giudice, Danielle Miller

4th row: OctopusMe, Delias Thompson, Metal Emily, Y Lime Designs, The Ceremonial Home

5th row: ArtJewel Designs, Rosy Revolver, i dream i can fly, Kerin Rose, Abhaya Fibers

6th row: Phoot, Lisa Hopkins, Cosmos Moon, Mbzap, Jewelry By Natsuko

7th Row: Quibus, Lunasa Designs, Rickson Jewellery, Sarah Hood, Susan Moloney

8th Row: Susarto, T. Gentry Design, Metal Riot, Nanopod Studio, Watto

This weeks News:

First – WELCOME to our new Team page!  If you missed the details; We’ve decided to change our name, The page of the team  Snow Leopard Network… is passing to higher realms. It will no longer be active… We are now ” The HandMade Division.

The reason we’re moving on from Snow Leopards…is it is more on keeping with our team’s personal identity…. and, there is a Snow Leopard Network dedicated to the Real Deal-  The awesome cats. So please bear with us thru the transition…

I’m still working on getting the new blog and everything up to  all the way speed! WE have some new sites:

facebook fan page; twitter; flickr photos; and of course you are on the new blog!

Abhaya Fibers: was featured in the 360 Handmade blog

Abhaya Fibers: is Teaching knitting!

Fearless Knitting: Saturdays from 1 – 3pm, May 8, 15 & 22; Cost = $55 for class series. At Juniper Place Yarns,Quakertown, Pennsylvania.

“Mystified by gauge? Terrified to drop a stitch? Then this is the class for you! Lavanya will teach you what to do when things go wrong (it happens to the best of us!). You will also learn how to “read” your knitting and substitute yarns like a pro! Students should have advanced beginner skills including cast on/off, knit and purl to participate in this class.”

She also does one on one tutoring classes by request. (Contact thru  Juniper Place Yarns, Quakertown, Pennsylvania.)

The Ceremonial Home Is featured at: The Baulines Craft Guild presents “ON THE MAKE” at the Atrium Gallery, 600 Townsend, San Francisco, CA. Opening Reception is April 22, 2010, 5:30 – 7:30pm. The show will run from April 19th through June 10th, 2010. Click on image of “Pretty is as Pretty Does below for more information. This is one of two sculptures I will have in the show. Looking forward to seeing you on Opening Night!

Susan Moloney: Has a new gallery show coming up! “off the cuff” at Highwire Gallery. june 4-28, 2010, opening reception june 4 from 5-9:30; Highwire Gallery is located at 2040 frankford ave., philadelphia, pa. their website

Sandfibers: For Earth Day, Sand Fibers has published a free pattern for a Mirrored African Mudcloth peyote cuff on her blog. A Sand Fibers Hypnotize Me cuff, beaded by Diane Fitzgerald, is featured in the Claspgarten gallery of designs. Sand Fibers’ Item of the Week is her Summer Abstract (zigzag) Peyote Cuff. See her blog for details on how to save 10%.

  1. Congratulations on this week’s beautiful presentation of the team’s work, Ande!

    The transition that you have accomplished in such a short time is really amazing. It’s an exciting step up and forward!!! Love the new look!

    • thanks Jan!
      I am thrilled with the step forward for us, and it’s pretty close to being caught up to speed now 🙂

  2. Thanks Andes! You rock as usual!

  3. wow ande! you are superwoman! thanks for all the hard work.

  1. April 25th, 2010

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