May 1st , Yay!

Spring Flowers……

1st row: Istanbul Designs, Alisa Miller, Andes Cruz, Andes Cruz Colours, Angela Gerhard

2nd row: Tuizui, B. Cyr Jewelery, Beth Cyr Weddings, Purified Art, Moxie And Oliver

3rd row: Sandfibers, Howlin Doggie, Colleen Baran, Cynthia Del Giudice, Danielle Miller

4th row: OctopusMe, Delias Thompson, Metal Emily, Y Lime Designs, The Ceremonial Home

5th row: ArtJewel Designs, Rosy Revolver, i dream i can fly, Kerin Rose, Abhaya Fibers

6th row: Phoot, Lisa Hopkins, Cosmos Moon,  Jewelry By Natsuko, Quibus

7th Row: Lunasa Designs, Rickson Jewellery, Sarah Hood, Susan Moloney, T. Gentry Design

8th Row: Metal Riot, Nanopod Studio, Watto

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  1. The diversity of perspectives, techniques, and materials becomes more evident in each new collection. What a wonderful way to become familiar with the team’s work!

    Thanks so much, Ande! 🙂

    • I agree Jan. Putting it together each time is like a little window shopping session with several of my favourite artists 😉 Fun, and I get to know you all better 🙂

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