May Long Weekend, Yay!

1st row: Istanbul DesignsAlisa MillerAndes CruzAndes Cruz ColoursAngela Gerhard

2nd row: TuizuiB. Cyr JeweleryPurified Art, SandfibersMoxie And Oliver

3rd row: Howlin Doggie, Sakura KikuchiColleen BaranCynthia Del GiudiceDanielle Miller

4th row: OctopusMeDelias ThompsonY Lime DesignsThe Ceremonial Home, ArtJewel Designs

5th row: Rosy Revolveri dream i can flyKerin Rose, PhootAbhaya Fibers

6th row: Lisa Hopkins, MbzapCosmos MoonJewelry By Natsuko, Quibus

7th Row: Lunasa Designs, Rickson JewellerySarah HoodSusan Moloney, Susarto

8th Row: AG Jewelry Design,  T. Gen Design StudioMetal RiotNanopod StudioWatto

Have a great long weekend everyone!

Summer is almost here 🙂

  1. Another beautiful and fascinating collection! Enjoyed exploring more of the team’s broad range of materials and creative styles. A real adventure!!! 🙂

    • thanks Jan 🙂 I know we are amazing, aren’t we? Love than pendant of yours 🙂

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