July Talk About Blog – Collaborations, are you interested?

What is the Talk About Blog Feature?

What this means, is on the 15th of each month, any of the HandMade Division team artists who choose to participate, will write about the same (pre-determined) topic. What makes it fun, is you, the reader, can easily link thru tho the other Artist’s blog pages and read what they have to say, or think about Each month’s topic. Almost like a debate… but much more fun. It always amazes me to hear everyone’s different ideas, experiences, and opinions. Sometimes you just don’t realize the depth and breadth of ideas within a group, on a topic, until you do a group  project like this.

So, July’s topic:

“Are there specific artists you’d love to collaborate with? And what kinds of things would you like to create with them?”

Please be sure to stop by the other blogging participants.

Andes Cruz: http://andescruz.wordpress.com/
Lisa Hopkins Design: http://lisahopkinsdesign.blogspot.com/
Ceeb Wassermann aka howlindoggie:http://mettledesignstudio.blogspot.com/
Rickson Jewellery – http://www.ricksonart.blogspot.com/
Purified Art aka Bill Martin – http://purifiedart.blogspot.com/
Susan Moloney – http://susarto.blogspot.com/
nanopod: Hybrid Studio – http://nanopod.wordpress.com/
HandMade Division Blog https://handmadedivision.wordpress.com/

Please note: Not all our members post their blogs at the same time of day; and~ we’re global. We try to get it all on in the morning, but if you happen to get to a blog, before the topic is posted, I do hope you’ll come back later. And likewise, you may not be reading this on the day it posts, therefor, you most likely will not link thru to the writer’s exact Talk About Blog post. For this purpose, Most of the team members will keep a Category for the Talk About blog – so you can search that. Also, we try to use tags on the blog – such as the date, words from the topic, and of course “Talk, About, Blog” etc. these too can help you search the writer’s blog for their Talk About blog posts.

  1. oh, I have no idea how this month went by me! I’ll go read now!!

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