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Aug 28th, 2010

1st row: Istanbul Designs, Alisa Miller, Andes Cruz, Andes Cruz Colours, B. Cyr Jewelery

2nd row: Purified Art, Moxie And OliverSandfibers, Pink Crow Studio , Howlin Doggie

3rd row: Cynthia Del GiudiceDanielle MillerDelias ThompsonMetal Emily, Y Lime Designs

4th row: Bella Bijou Jewellery,  ArtJewel DesignsRosy RevolverAbhaya Fibers, Phoot

5th row:  Lisa HopkinsNEDbeadsJewelry By Natsuko, Lunasa Designs, Rickson Jewellery

6th row: Sarah HoodSusan MoloneyNova of Sweden, Metal RiotNanopod Studio

7th row: Watto

News and goodies

Watto: would like to report they just got back from Las Vegas Pool Tradeshow (part of MAGIC) one of the largest fashion tradeshows in the country. They were in the Cash & Carry area where many ETSY artists also attended and  were set up to sell their creations to individuals or stores.

Sandfibers: Carol Dean Sharpe has listed the first in a new line of Rope Wraps in her store, simple, modern beaded ropes that can be worn as either bracelets or necklaces.

Istanbul Designs and Rosy Revolver are having a weekend artist get together. Lucky girls.

Rickson Jewellery has posted her very first Jewellery video on You Tube featuring the Everlong. Watch her demonstrate how to wear her all in one necklace, bracelet, earring and ring set that links together to create one long chain!

Jewelry By Natsuko has her “organic egg necklace” was featured in Australian based blog, HERE.

ArtJewel Designs‘ biggest show of the season (The 41st United Maine Craftsmen Show at Cumberland) was successful beyond her best expectations!  Lots of return customers…many higher end pieces left with happy patrons.. It gave her a great energy boost for one of her most favorite end of the summer season shows coming up…The Summer Solstice Show in Wells, Maine the weekend of September 11-12. It’s so close to the beach you can smell the salt air and feel the sea breeze!

Metal Riot‘s  Walnut necklace was chosen for a Best of Tennessee Craft exhibition, details and pics are on her blog, HERE.

Rickson Jewellery is the author of Craft Canada, a Crafthaus group for Canadian, North American and international artists interested in Canadian art and design. Learn about funding and exhibition opportunities as well as popular shows, galleries and events within Canada. Also join weekly challenges! Hope to see you there.

Delias Thompson‘s Pebble ring was featured in the Etsy Finds this week.

NEDbeads has new bead kits in her shop called Beady Bags, which include lots n lots of high quality beads, crystals, pearls, thread and she throw in a handpicked surprise for each buyer.  She has have listed three new bracelets and finished her very first free form peyote bracelet, yay!!!!! I also acquired some really fantastic poppies from jewlerybynatsuko in the hopes of making a necklace or cuff with them, and is thrilled!!!!!!


Aug 21st, 2010.

1st row: Istanbul Designs, Alisa Miller, Andes Cruz, Andes Cruz Colours, B. Cyr Jewelery, Beth Cyr Weddings

2nd row: Purified Art, Moxie And OliverSandfibers, Pink Crow Studio , Howlin Doggie, Cynthia Del Giudice

3rd row: Danielle MillerDelias ThompsonMetal Emily, Y Lime Designs, Bella Bijou Jewellery, Bella Bijou  Too Jewellery

4th row:  ArtJewel DesignsRosy RevolverAbhaya Fibers, Phoot, Lisa HopkinsNEDbeads

5th row:  Jewelry By Natsuko, Lunasa Designs, Rickson Jewellery, Sarah HoodSusan Moloney, Susarto

6th row: Nova of Sweden, Nova DesignMetal RiotNanopod Studio, Watto

This weeks’ Team News:

Don’t forget to check out our Talk About Blog from last week! Great topic, “What would you love to make, without boundaries or limitations of skills, or technology? “ great posts 🙂

Moxie And Oliver : From the creative genius behind Moxie and Oliver comes – a new website for handmade.  The website will launch later this summer (or early fall, depending on what part of the country you are in) but she is searching for artists now, and blogging about the artists who have already signed on.  Check it out here – – and be sure to send her an email if you’re interested in being one of the artists.

NEDbeads : is working on a necklace designed by Margie Deeb FOR Margie herself to use at her speaking engagements, and has so far successfully completed a freeform peyote bracelet in lapis & amethyst, which is personally thrilling because she has never been able to come up with something freeform that she really liked before.

Bella Bijou Jewellery is celebrating her first wholesale order! Her jewellery will soon be found at Nokomis Clothing in Edmonton, Ab., Canada. A shop that features only Canadian made goods from talented designers.

Danielle Miller has been featured in the September issue of “Lapidary Journal/Jewelry Artist” magazine in an article entitled “Net Profits: Get Synced” and on their “Jewelry making Daily” blog article entitled “Integrating Your Social Networking”

Lisa Hopkins has new work available at the Artists’ Own Gallery in West Lafayette, Indiana.

What would you love to make, without boundaries or limitations of skills, or technology? The August Talk About Blog

First – What is the Talk About Blog Feature?

What this means, is on the 15th of each month, any of the HandMade Division team artists who choose to participate, will write about the same (pre-determined) topic. What makes it fun, is you, the reader, can easily link thru tho the other Artist’s blog pages and read what they have to say, or think about Each month’s topic. Almost like a debate… but much more fun. It always amazes me to hear everyone’s different ideas, experiences, and opinions. Sometimes you just don’t realize the depth and breadth of ideas within a group, on a topic, until you do a group  project like this.

The August Topic: “Talk about something you’d like to create, that you maybe don’t have the skills or technology to do currently? “

Lisa Hopkins Design:
Jewelry by Natsuko:
Beth Cyr:
ArtJewel Designs:
Abhaya Fibers:
Purified Art:
Nova of Sweden
Bella-Bijou Jewellery:
Pink Crow Studio:
Sand Fibers:
Alice Istanbul:
Thomasin Durgin:
Moxie & Oliver:
Andes Cruz:
Tosca Teran:
Delias Thompson:

Please note: Not all our members post their blogs at the same time of day; and~ we’re global. We try to get it all on in the morning, but if you happen to get to a blog, before the topic is posted, I do hope you’ll come back later. And likewise, you may not be reading this on the day it posts, therefor, you most likely will not link thru to the writer’s exact Talk About Blog post. For this purpose, Most of the team members will keep a Category for the Talk About blog – so you can search that. Also, we try to use tags on the blog – such as the date, words from the topic, and of course “Talk, About, Blog” etc. these too can help you search the writer’s blog for their Talk About blog posts.

Aug 14th … I have Autumn on the brain

1st row: Istanbul Designs, Alisa Miller, Andes Cruz, Andes Cruz Colours, B. Cyr Jewelery

2nd row: Purified Art, Moxie And OliverSandfibers, Pink Crow Studio , Howlin Doggie

3rd row: Cynthia Del Giudice, Danielle MillerDelias ThompsonMetal Emily, Y Lime Designs

4th row: Bella Bijou Jewellery, ArtJewel DesignsRosy RevolverAbhaya Fibers, Phoot

5th row:  Lisa Hopkins, NEDbeads ,  Jewelry By Natsuko, Lunasa Designs, Rickson Jewellery

6th row: Sarah HoodSusan Moloney, Nova of Sweden, Metal RiotNanopod Studio

7th row:  Watto

This week’s News

Don’t forget, this week, the 15th is our monthly Talk About Blog feature, so please keep your eyes tuned for it coming up. It’s going ot be a great topic this month!!

Moxie And Oliver wants to share some news!  She says “In late June, we welcomed our baby daughter in the world. Now as she approaches two months old, and my entire life has changed, I feel the need to make a few more changes.

I used to say that doing custom orders was my favorite part of my business. I love working with customers to create a piece of their dreams, and over the years I have been fortunate enough to meet some wonderful people, and create incredibly unique pieces for them. Where I love it no less now than I did before, my time has been severely limited. I barely have time to work on new piece, and spend much of my time either creating custom pieces or made to order items.

So, since the reason I became an artist in the first place was to exercise my own creativity, I feel that right now I need to return to that. I haven’t decided when yet, but soon (before the end of the month) I will be removing all made-to-order items from all of my shops (1000markets, etsy and artfire) and I will be discontinuing custom ordering. I will offer my Smokey pattern wallets and guitar straps for the holidays, but that is it. Other than the few Smokey pieces, my shop will be entirely limited to stock on hand.

I have already begun to work on new pieces, including an entirely new line for I am sure you will all love the new pieces being added to my shop – just remember that they will all be one of a kind, so if you see something you like, don’t pass it up.”
Sandfibers has a super fun Saturday Window Shopping Blog this week about Skunks…..
Lisa Hopkins was interviewed for a Journal and Courier newspaper article about the Art on the Wabash show.  Lisa has new work available at Gretel’s Fine Gifts in West Lafayette, Indiana.
Nanopod Studio is spending the week at Pilchuck Glass Studio, in Seattle, on a Scholarship she received. YAY!
Bella Bijou Jewellery has completed her new made to order line ( 25 pieces!) Available in her new shop Bella Bijou Too, as well as her Website. She also wants to tell you about her new website, It is live now after *lots* of late nights. And~ she was juried into the Portobello West show for this November. Congrats Jaime!!
Metal EmilyY Lime Designs has news! She is now based out of Columbus, Ohio. And~ has been invited to send images for the forthcoming Ring a Day book by Lark. (wow! Awesome Emily!) And~ will have work in the upcoming book “New Rings” by Nicolás Estrada. (another wow!!!!)
Susan Moloney is building her mailing list to report any new work or upcoming shows. If you’d like to be on her mailing list, please email her at moloney3 [at] verizon . net.
Jewelry By Natsuko was featured in this blog, an awesome post about enamel artists!
Sarah Hood has a new section in her Etsy shop called Wedding, and is slowly fleshing out my wedding line… So check it out!
Andes Cruz Wants to thank everyone for shopping during her blow out sale; and let you know to keep your eye on the shop for some exciting new lines of items, one called “Techno Res”.

Wow! Have we got a lot to share this week ~ August 7th, 2010

1st row: Istanbul Designs, Alisa Miller, Andes Cruz, Andes Cruz Colours, B. Cyr Jewelery

2nd row: Purified Art, Moxie And OliverSandfibers, Pink Crow Studio , Howlin Doggie

3rd row: Cynthia Del Giudice, Danielle MillerOctopusMeDelias ThompsonMetal Emily

4th row: Y Lime DesignsThe Ceremonial Home, Bella Bijou Jewellery, ArtJewel DesignsRosy Revolver

5th row: PhootAbhaya FibersLisa Hopkins, NEDbeads ,  Jewelry By Natsuko

6th row: Lunasa Designs, Rickson JewellerySarah HoodSusan Moloney, Nova of Sweden

7th row: Metal RiotNanopod StudioWatto

This week’s News

Check out the completed bio page for Tess Norberg, our newest member 🙂
Cynthia Del Giudice has had one of her fused plastic rings was chosen for an online exhibition, see it HERE. About the exhibition: “Jewelleryscape Exhibition is a web exhibition gathering over 250 works made by goldsmiths and designers coming from all over the world. Our purpose is to found a place for “jewellery’s virtual community” and focus on its heterogeneity. An amazing variety of people, countries and projects. Jewelleryscape exhibition is curated by Alba Cappellieri, Professor of Jewellery Design at Politecnico of Milan and Laura Santosuosso, Federico Stanzani, Livia Tenuta, Fashion Design’ students at Politecnico of Milan.”

Exciting news for Metal Riot, Lark books featured some of her ring a day videos.
Metal Riot‘s Ring a Day rings were also featured HERE.
Andes Cruz is having a crazy low price sale! Only 3 days left! Ends Tuesday, and then the work will be gone from her shop forever. Most work is discounted 50% – 60% or even more.
Congratulations to Sarah Hood !!!! This week, Sarah was the Featured Seller on Etsy. Read the interview HERE.
Howlin Doggie has started to work on a range of kanzashi as a tribute to her mother; artist Yukiko Kikuchi.  Since she has begun doing some research on her family history.
Congratulations to Danielle Miller, Last week Danielle was awarded with my “New Talent – Honorable Mention” by the American Jewelry Design Council at the JA Show in NY. Alan Revere presented the awards.  PHOTOS HERE.
Danielle Miller was also featured in the July issue of “National Jeweler” magazine in an article about the New Designer Gallery at the JA Show.
Danielle Miller was featured in the blog PHOTO BY DOMINIKA, see it HERE.
Danielle Miller‘s “Vine-Leaf Rings” were featured in the June issue of the magazine “Watch and Jewelry Review.” The article was about champagne and cognac diamonds, entitled “Champagne Anyone?”
NEDbeads has applied for the jurying to the Sharon Arts Center in New Hampshire… good luck Nancy!!!
Nanopod Studio is donating proceeds from her Nidarian pendants to National Geographic Society Oceans Project. “My origin is from the Terrestrial seas, the oceans of Earth. My work is obviously quite heavily inspired by the beauty found in these waters. Sadly, this beauty is rapidly disappearing and could leave a poisonous, dead corpse hugging the earth. When you purchase a nidarian $100USD is going to the National Geographic Society Oceans Project via Mount Wittenberg Orca. The collaboration between the Dirty Projectors + Bjork. What this means is that not only are you helping raise awareness, helping towards protecting OUR oceans, receive a OOAK piece, you will also receive the Mount Wittenberg Orca album. 7 tracks in either MP3, or Apple Lossless & MP3.”
Nanopod Studio was also featured as “The Friday Shine” HERE
Jewelry By Natsuko is introducing new fall line in her Etsy shop. It’s lovely, please have a look!!! Wonderful new work 🙂
Jewelry By Natsuko has been featured in a blog from All Things Aimee, HERE.
Rickson Jewellery is donating a percentage of all her online sales this month to MADD thanks to Heather who told Rickson about Hunter Richardson’s story while creating a custom memorial guitar pick for Heather to remember him by. Rickson is also open to donation suggestions for her Jewellery activism movement.
Congratulations to Beth Cyr Weddings, who has already reached a landmark 200 sales since opening in January this year.
Lunasa Designs is having her 3rd annual limerick sale is going on now! From August 1st – August 8th there will be a different surprise sale every day. To partake in each sale you MUST write an original Limerick for her – and purchase on the day of the sale! Why does Rebekah have an annual limerick sale? Well, for one – because she realized this was her business and could have whatever kind of fun/ridiculous sale she wanted! And two, because August is a very special month – it is the ancient Irish celebration of Lugnasadh (Lunasa is the modern name), August 8th is her birthday AND my Etsy anniversary. (this year will be 4 years on Etsy)!! See her BLOG for more info. Congratulations, and happy birthday Rebekah!
ArtJewel Designs: Will be at the United Maine Craftsmen’s 41st Annual Cumberland Arts and Crafts Show, August 12-14, 2010. Tourists plan their vacations around that one!
Pink Crow Studio is having a Fan Page give away!!!! Check it out here.
Lisa Hopkins was recently juried into the Indiana Artisan program.  Lisa currently has a piece in the Art on the Wabash Exhibit in Lafayette, Indiana which runs through September 9. Congratulations Lisa!

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