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Talk About Blog: What are we up to?

Every month we blog about the same Topic. This month we blogged about:

What new project are you working on right now and why?

Myself, Lisa Hopkins, and Watto posted this month. Watto has been working on some amazing sculptures and lighting fixtures. I love the rough models!

Lisa is working on a really sentimental project in memory of your Grandmother’s. She’s working on ways to etch their handwriting into metal. Gorgeous ideas and techniques!

I myself (Rickson Jewellery) posted about two really special lockets I’ve been working on for two sisters who lost their brother. I set their Brother’s hair behind one of the. I really enjoy the different photo’s they chose. They really show that Kai had a unique personality.

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Front Page News! Handmade Division Shop

We did it! We got on the front page of Etsy. This is such an honour for a new team Shop like us. We should all get a pat on the back. Whoot whoot!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s Talk About Blog post!

Handmade Division

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