About the Handmade Division Team

The Handmade Division Etsy Group has members from all walks of art. So far, it includes Jewellery, Metal arts, Photography, Beaded art, Fiber arts, and Leather work, Painting, and Collaged art.

My goals for the group are:

– Have a community of artists who can exchange ideas, praise, stories and encouragement with each other to strengthen our art and ideas.

– Increase members exposure and sales with our team shop: www.handmadedivision.etsy.com

– Have a shared monthly blogging experience with the Talk About Blog.

The Handmade Division has a rich history. It began its journey as  The Snow Leopard Network and was founded by a respected member Andes Cruz. Her vision was to create a group of people who aspire to create great things. Artists who create only the finest they are capable of and continually grow, expand and change.  Andes accomplished this by hand selecting her personal friends on Etsy. Artists with whom she developed an online friendship with. Andes decided to hand the team over to one of the members Rickson Jewellery. I was very happy to inherit such a well organized, rich selection of artists and continue to grow the group in my own vision.

This team is associated with www.etsy.com, and is a recognized Street Team. Founded 2010.01.10.

I invite you to explore our Blog and also our individual Team Member’s Etsy Shops: http://www.etsy.com/teams/6228/the-handmade-division/members

The Handmade Division

  1. Andes, You have assembled a stellar group for Snow Leopard. I am very honored to be one of the chosen!


    • Thanks Grayson! I am so happy you are a part of the group 🙂

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