Alisa Miller

“The inspiration for this body of work originally came from honeycombs i had collected. I find it quite amazing that a little insect can meticulously create such perfect and beautiful forms. The precise geometry eventually became too confining and I started making my own designs based on the honeycomb. I’ve since branched off even further to make work derived from various botanical and chemical structures, often as they would be seen under a microscope. I often find myself making multiple components based on the same idea and I enjoy their repetitive patterns and textures of the different combinations.  I individually hand make each component of each piece of my jewelry and am constantly considering and refining their designs.”

Alisa Miller was born and raised in Seattle, WA. Growing up, she would keep herself busy with some sort of craft project. When she started working at a jewelry supply store, she became interested in jewelry and body adornment. With a desire to learn more about this discipline, she enrolled at the University of Washington in their Metals Department. Studying under Mary Lee Hu and Maria Phillips, she soon became enamored with metal. After graduating with her BFA in 2003, she moved to Chicago to try her hand at a big city. Although she loves Chicago, she missed the unique variety of plants, trees and flowers she used to see everyday growing up in the Pacific Northwest. Working as a studio metalsmith in Chicago, she is surrounded by dried versions of these plants that serve as her inspiration.  Alisa has investigated these subjects with enameling and electro-forming, but enjoys silver with a hint of gold the best.

Where To Find Alisa:
alisamiller [ at ]

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