Tosca Hidalgo y Teran ~ Nanotopia

“Tosca has been working with metal for over 25 years.
Introduced to glass blowing and flameworking in the late 80’s she was reacquainted with glass blowing, and flameworking in 2004, and recently to glass casting while working at Urban Glass, Brooklyn in 2008.
Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of sources including but not limited to the fantastic vision of 19th century naturalist Ernst Haeckel, 21st century transhumanists, ancient myths, science fiction, Buckminster Fuller, the depths of the ocean and the far reaches of outer space.
Named one of Taos’ next generation of artists by the Harwood museum (1997-98) for her conceptual ‘jewellery’ which is frequently curated as small scale sculptures.
She has shown in ACC shows, the Metal Museum, Fort Mason Center, The U.S House of Representatives, the Art Lab and was a featured artist at SOFA, NY 2009.

The physical location of nanotopia (Nanopod: Hybrid Studio) opened in 2005.
Her work has appeared in Art Jewelry Magazine, (SNAG) Metalsmith magazine, 500 Pendants & Lockets, as well as numerous blogs.

Currently a resident artist at the Ontario Science Centre.
If you are ever in Toronto make sure to stop by nanopod: Hybrid Studio located at 322 Harbord Street.”

How To Find Tosca:

Tosca Hidalgo y Teran Website:








Smashing Darling:

Big Cartel:

Facebook fan page:

email: convo thru etsy

Physical location:

nanopod: Hybrid Studio

322 Harbord Street

Toronto, ON M6G1H1

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