Rickson Jewellery

I am an independent jewellery artist and designer and I love creating high quality, unique creations in precious metals and gemstones. I work exclusively with the lost wax casting technique which means I carve my ideas in wax and then cast them in the desired metal. My work is inspired by movement, music and my background in dance which fuels my interest in the human form. My BA from the Ontario College of Art and Design helped me to become a professional jewellery designer, and my Masters in the UK at the Birmingham School of Jewellery furthered my interest in Art jewellery.

I am passionate about all aspects of my field so I create and model all of my own jewellery, art and photography. My work has been featured in Lark books and has been sold and exhibited in Toronto, London, Paris, Munich, and Australia.

I look forward to creating special heirlooms for you and your loved ones.

My work is currently being sold at:

The Devil’s Workshop, 955 Queen st. west in Toronto.

How To Find Rickson:

Etsy: www.RicksonJewellery.Etsy.com

Website: www.RicksonArt.com

Big Cartel: www.RicksonJewelry.bigcartel.com

Apparat: http://www.apparat.be/necklaces/rickson-salkeld

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rickson/

Metal Arts Guild: www.metalartsguild.ca/profile/Rickson
Linked In: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/rickson-salkeld/12/7b3/1a4


Rickson’s work is available for purchase year round at these cool independent artist shops:

NEW! Blue Banana in Kensignton Market 250 Augusta Ave. Toronto, 416-594-6600 www.bluebananamarket.com

The Devil’s Workshop, 890 Queen Street West, Toronto, www.thedevilsworkshop.ca

Made You Look 1273 Queen Street West, Toronto, www.madeyoulook.ca

The Purple Thumb, 1887 Queen Street East, Toronto, www.thepurplethumb.net


She also author of the Canada Can Craft blog on Crafthaus:



Email: RicksonJewellery [ at ] yahoo.ca


Lark Books 500 Wedding Rings

Paper or Plasti? Exhibition at Luke and Elloy Gallery, in Pittsburgh

2010m – SNAG March 10 -14 at SNAG in Motion (Evening show March 11th) and Body Extremities.

2010 -Talents 2010 Special show of the 62nd International Trade Fair Munich from 3rd to 9th March 2010 part of Schmuck+-

2009    Crafty Little Devils Show and Sale, Organized and exhibited, Toronto

2009    Showcase London, Café 1001, London, UK

2009    Life’s a Bench Masters Show, Birmingham School of Jewellery, UK

2008       Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto

2008       One of a Kind Show, Toronto

2007       Detroit Urban Crafts Fair, Toronto

2007       Toronto Buskerfest

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