Ann Jenkins – Tuizui

“Tuizui is a jewelry collection designed by Ann Jenkins. Colorful enamel, silver, motion and modern are the basic materials / aesthetic.

Ann began working as a studio jeweler in 1980 first doing local fairs in her native Louisville, Kentucky. By 1983 she exhibited her work at the Baltimore American Craft Council Show. Since that time her work has appeared in galleries across the United States in juried and invitational shows. She has also exhibited at the Smithsonian, Philadelphia and Evanston craft shows, been represented at New York SOFA and had a profile published in Ornament Magazine.

Ann lives on a beautiful island off the coast of Maine where she has a studio that doubles as a home for a vast nature collection. Many of those treasures are used to texture the silver in her Tuizui jewelry designs. “Ever since I experienced enameling in art school I’ve loved the color intensity and texture it can provide. Using enamel with precious metal silver clay has opened up many new design possibilities for me. I also enjoy the idea of working with an ancient material of much history like vitrous enamel and combining it with the modern relatively new metal clay.”

Using objects from her nature collection, Ann produces another line of jewelry and wall sculptures she calls Nature Reliquaries. “This current work has developed from an exploration of the vast richness of the natural world. Leaves, shells, stones, seeds, bones become the jewels in a wearable piece intended as an object of contemplation.” The jewelry reliquaries contain precious natural objects that Ann has collected from her garden, neighborhood and travels. The container boxes are riveted constructions of acrylic and metals including gold, sterling, shakudo or copper with a glass window cover.”

how to find ann:
jenkinskeith [ at ]

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