Snow Leopard. Welcome :)

I wanted to create a network of artists who not only aspire for more with their craftmanship, but consider what they do a passion, a love, an art. People who strive for these things, and more in their creations, and life.

1. Value and strive for quality, handcrafted, unique designs, or creations. The Learning of new skills, or working on new designs.
2. Consider themselves artists, not a factory ūüôā
3. They choose to respect and honor thier fellow artists.

Above all else, these artists are also are wonderful people to know.

So Welcome. May it spiral higher…

This team is associated with, and is a recognized Street Team. Founded 2010.01.10.

Team members:

Andes –¬†
Tamra –¬†
Tamra –¬†
Philippe –¬†
Jo –¬†
Mary –¬†
Caitlin –¬†
Lisa –¬†
Angela –¬†
Tomi –¬†
Carol –¬†
Ceeb –¬†
Alica –¬†
Jess –¬†
Rebekah –
Maureen –¬†
Maureen –¬†

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