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Talk About Blog: What are we up to?

Every month we blog about the same Topic. This month we blogged about:

What new project are you working on right now and why?

Myself, Lisa Hopkins, and Watto posted this month. Watto has been working on some amazing sculptures and lighting fixtures. I love the rough models!

Lisa is working on a really sentimental project in memory of your Grandmother’s. She’s working on ways to etch their handwriting into metal. Gorgeous ideas and techniques!

I myself (Rickson Jewellery) posted about two really special lockets I’ve been working on for two sisters who lost their brother. I set their Brother’s hair behind one of the. I really enjoy the different photo’s they chose. They really show that Kai had a unique personality.

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Where do you aspire to be in 5 years? The December Talk About Blog.

December. Coming to the close of 12 fantastic months with the Handmade Division Team.

Such a fantastic group of artists, and friends.

It has been my (Andes Cruz)’s privilege and honour to work with this group, and to promote them.

I am personally handing off the torch of Curating this team, to one of our amazing members, Rickson. I’m very excited to pass the torch, and see what new vision, ideas and energy Rickson will bring to the team.

I hope you will continue to follow and support all these amazing artists on their own blogs, websites, and fanpages. And thank you all for your support for us in our ongoing journey….

The Talk About Blog:

On the 15th of each month, any of the HandMade Division team artists who choose to participate, will write about the same (pre-determined) topic.

This month:Where do you aspire to be in 5 years?

Please check in with everyone who wrote this month:

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