Lunasa Designs – Rebekah Timlin Meddles

“A little bit about me:

I’m a one woman (“mama” to 3 little boys) operation – originally from Michigan and now living in Northern Utah (with quite a few years of detours in between in New Mexico, Oregon and Colorado). I use classic metalsmithing techniques to make everything I sell.

When making jewelry I focus on simplicity, texture, rich color and strive to make things that are organic in nature and complement the body’s natural flow. I have a fascination for contrasts and finding the unexpected in life – which fuels my love for mixing shiny stones with weathered and blackened metals; and rough, interesting found objects with shiny or brushed metal.

My fascination with finding little treasures in unexpected places even fueled an interest in becoming an archaeologist at one time.  I used to hike around the family farm as a kid, trying to scout out where an ancient civilization may have lived… I would dig, KNOWING that I would uncover some beautiful remnant of their culture… Just under ONE more shovel full of dirt…
I never did uncover anything – Apparently Michigan isn’t known for its archaeological dig sites. Who knew? although one of my brother’s found a Native American bead once (I was so jealous) and another brother found a trilobite fossil (again, jealous)…
♥ Now, I am fascinated with making jewelry that looks as if it has been dug up from the ground… excavated from some ancient site…
Or maybe an old hippie commune…

I love being a mom to 3 creative, rambunctious little boys but my life can sometimes get crazy – I love it when my customers understand this and realize I might be sporadic in my communication.

I love working small – hence my love of making jewelry and tiny sculptures.

I began working with metal at about 8 years old when I started hanging out in my dad’s studio, trying to “look over his shoulder” to see what he was doing and asking a ton of questions. One day I walked into his studio and he silently handed me a jewelers saw and a sheet of copper. It was his subtle way of keeping me out of his hair.  My love of metal, jewelry, and all things tiny was born!
Although in those days I broke more saw blades than anything else!

So, in a nutshell: I learned metalwork from my artist father (Hugh Timlin), got my entrepreneurial spirit from my mother (Two Moons) and studied art at the University of New Mexico with a focus mainly on ceramic and metal sculpture. I had some amazing instructors (and I will be forever grateful to them)! Suzanne Stern – who is an amazing jewelry artist and has been featured in many jewelry art magazines, Constance DeJong who makes large scale metal sculptures and has work in several museums, Gina Bobrowski – an amazing porcelain sculptor, Michael Ceschiat and many more. They taught me everything I needed to know and inspired me to keep creating and keep learning!

I still break way too many saw blades.”

How to find Lunasa~

email: RebekahMeddles ( at )
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